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Below are some of the downloads that Greenfield Technologies has available for Progress based systems. Enjoy!


ProTop monitors various VST statistics and presents them interactively much like the UNIX "top" monitor. This utility is much more powerful than tblmon.p and is easily extensible. See ProTop for more information.


Updated! Supports versions 8, 9 and 10 and both UNIX and Windows platforms!

A tool for determining the maximum number of records per second that a given machine can process. See How Fast Will it Go? for more information.

Dump & Load PPT

Sample Code

Exchange 2007 -- DB-20: Highly Parallel Dump and Load.
Exchange 2006 -- DB8: Highly Parallel Dump and Load.
Migrating to a new release of OpenEdge doesn't require a dump and load of your database but getting the maximum benefit from new features often does. In this session we will highlight OpenEdge Database features that benefit from a dump and load, cover several alternative approaches to D&L and then develop a specific process for migrating databases in a highly parallelized manner that takes maximum advantage of machine resources. This session will include live demonstrations and take-away code that you can immediately put to use migrating and upgrading your own systems.

Load Simulation PPT

Sample Code

Exchange 2007 -- DB-5: Simulating User Load.
One of the challenges of managing complex systems is determining how they will behave as changes are being made. Changes in user load, changes in hardware, and changes in application software, changes to the schema or configuration of the database and even small and seemingly innocuous changes to tunable parameters all have enormous potential for unexpected (and decidedly negative) consequences. Properly testing the impact of such changes is often seen as "too complex" or "too expensive."
This session will present a simple and effective approach to simulating a realistic work load and tools for doing the same that can bring this complexity under control. No costly testing tools required!


Exchange 2004 -- E1760-LV: 1001 Good Reasons to Upgrade.
PDW 2004 -- BP0790: 1001 Good Reasons to Upgrade.
Is your application taking advantage of all that the Progress database has to offer? Not if it isn't running on a current release! Every application can benefit from a database upgrade and every release of Progress has significant new features that are beneficial to the entire spectrum of Progress customers. You don't need to have the latest whiz-bang user interface nor do you need to have The World's Largest Database to benefit from an upgrade. Come to this session to get the lowdown on which features really matter and why. We'll even share apples-to-apples benchmarking data comparing Progress versions 8 and 9 with OpenEdge 10 on identical hardware performing identical tasks.

Updated to reflect OpenEdge 10.0B and 9.1D SP9!


Exchange 2004 -- E1870-LV: Optimizing Response Time.
Most approaches to database tuning used today are fundamentally flawed. They consist of tips and techniques rather than method - the conventional method can be summed up as "trial and error". Understand the important characteristics of a better method and see how that method applies to Progress databases.


PUG Challenge 2003 -- Some Surprising Benefits of Storage Areas. See Some Surprising Benefits Of Using Storage Areas for more information.


PUG Challenge 2003 -- A Poor Man's Load Simulator. See Load Simulation for Everyone for the article.


PUG Challenge 2003 -- A Poor Man's Load Simulator. This sample code runs against the "sports" database. Adapting it to run against your database is very straightforward. See Load Simulation For Everyone for more information.


PUG Challenge 2003 -- Simple program to monitor _TableStat statistics and present them interactively much like the UNIX "top" monitor.


Progress Exchange 2003 -- Some Surprising Benefits of Storage Areas.


A simple web dictionary report. This creates an easy to browse data dictionary.

A basic unix shell script for Monitoring Your Database. The script functions by "screen-scraping" PROMON. It's nothing fancy but it will get you started.


A 4gl v9 profiler output analysis tool. This tool goes with the Investigating Suspicious Code article. This tool analyzes profiler output from multiple sessions rather than from a single session. This is very handy when looking at large numbers of users -- in a production environment for instance.


The v8 version of the profiler output analysis tool above. This tool analyzes profiler output from multiple sessions rather than from a single session. This is very handy when looking at large numbers of users -- in a production environment for instance.


This program reads data from .lg files into a database making it easy to bring the power of the 4gl to bear on log file analysis.


Randomly samples specified database tables and gathers statistics including estimated record cound, distribution of record sizes and standard deviation and then produces an ASCII art chart of the record size distribution.


Reports on the utilization of Storage Areas. Includes metrics for %full vs allocated and % of max blocks and threshold warnings for areas that grow beyond a preset % full.


Simple data dictionary report. Just the basics, nothing fancy. It's a fairly compact format that I find easy to read and work with.

Additional Progress utilities can be found on the PEG Utilities page.

Greenfield Technologies knowledge of business, applications, and infrastructure helps companies to develop and deploy applications which are built to last and designed to exceed user expectations.

-- Rob Lux
Enterprise Services Manager
Large Global IT Outsourcing Firm

With technology evolving at an increasingly challenging rate, it’s great to have a partner that you trust, and one that you can leverage to help your business take advantage of a constantly changing technology landscape. Greenfield Technologies has been there for us in the past, and will be THE partner we go to in the future when we need in-depth expertise.

-- Todd Lunsford
Quicken Loans

Greenfield Technologies in depth knowledge of the Progress database and our application made it possible to not only prepare our hardware, operating system and Progress software upgrade to a point that we felt very comfortable to go ahead with it, but also enabled us to execute it in less time than anticipated and resulted in a much larger performance improvement than we expected! Tom’s motto to prepare well and test twice beforehand paid off fully.

-- Gabriela Summerer-Herndon
Unix Admin, Progress DBA
Columbia National Inc.

We just watched! You deserve the credit! Thanks again!

-- Alex Hillman

Thank you for your extraordinary efforts during the past few days. All of us really appreciate it. Given our volume and customer service requirements, your support -- which extended far beyond the normal work day and schedule -- was invaluable.

-- Jenne Britell

Thank you again for going the "extra mile".

-- Ben Smith

Tom, you especially have gone beyond the call of duty in monitoring our system and getting issues regarding capacity etc resolved.

-- Matt White

Great program! Great features!.

-- Scott Cooper

Thank you for your work on the [...] rehosting project. Expediting the conversion of the Progress Database was critical to our success. The knowledge that you brought to the team about Progress tuning and database management helped not only with this effort but will improve our on-going management of the database. Thank you!

-- Anonymous CIO


ProJAX is an implementation of AJAX designed to get Progress developers, especially those working in legacy environments, up and running with a minimum of muss or fuss. ProJAX makes it simple to leverage your existing Progress 4GL programming skills to deliver rich and responsive web applications without annoying delays and timeouts for page refreshes.

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